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Do your neck and shoulder hurt? This can happen if you hunch your shoulders over a work surface, such as a keyboard. Another significant factor can be posture. At times, whiplash, arthritis, muscle strain, pinched nerve, or any degenerative disease can cause pain in your shoulders and neck. Give your tight shoulders and a stiff neck a break. Get a Neck and Shoulder Massage at Elegance Massage – you will feel better all over. This is our focused massage that can release stress and restore comfort to your shoulders and neck. Give us a call to book your massage therapy at Elegance Massage!

How Our Neck and Shoulder Massage Work?

At Elegance Massage, we offer all types of massage. To relieve pain and stiffness in your neck and shoulder, we may use techniques of Combo Massage to help get rid of chronic pains. However, our Neck Massage in Vancouver focuses specifically on areas of your neck where stress accumulates. Our trained therapists give a massage that releases tension and stress built overtime at work. We use combination techniques where four hands work in opposing motions and double your relaxation. Our customized massage promises a unique sensation. We specifically target the problem areas around your shoulders and neck. During our massage, you will experience soothing in your tight muscles and stimulation in your blood circulation.

Benefit from Our Exceptional Neck and Shoulder Massage!

At Elegance Massage, our regular Neck and Shoulder Massage keeps your shoulders and neck free of pain. The message first focuses on your upper back, then the neck, and finally the shoulders. The massage will exacerbate symptoms, but in the end, it will reduce pain in your problem areas. Moreover, our gentle massage promises the myofascial release of neck and shoulder pain and promotes restoration of function and full healing. It lessens the chance of muscle pulling and keeps your joints limber as well. Other benefits include improvement in flexibility and posture, lower heart rate and blood pressure, enhanced range of motion, and most importantly, stress relief and relaxation. Time to call Elegance Massage and schedule a Neck and Shoulder Massage in Vancouver. Make sure to get the best massage from the most experienced, professional therapists. We are ready to respond and give you a massage that won’t just release pain off your neck and shoulder, but also improve your overall wellbeing!

  • Headache, back, and neck pain relief
  • Fastens the process of injuries
  • Recovers the muscles soreness
  • Improves the range of motion & sleep
  • Gives you a sense of well-being
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation to aid detoxification

So you’ve read all the amazing benefits of neck & shoulder massage. Now come to Elegance Massage Center to get a discounted offer for neck and shoulder massages in Vancouver.

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